Starxium 20XX
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Send to the 80s !
Drive in the night listening to Synthwave

Starxium 20XX takes place in a retro futuristic world with 80s aesthetic, neon vibes and dark blue night. Did you ever dream to drive fast on the 80s highway, leaving a big tron-like light trail behind you, listening to good old synth music such as synthwave, retrowave or vaporwave ? This is the place !

Capture the convoy by staying near it

What would happen if you mixed Trackmania, Rocket League, and Team Fortress 2 ? God know what... But in Starxium 20XX, we get a bit of each to create a brand new video game genre : a capture the point (your team needs to stay on the point and repel your opponent), but the point is moving at 200km/h ! In fact, the point is a convoy that move really fast on the center of a big highway.

Team up with your friends / Splitscreen included

Starxium 20XX is a multiplayer game made for esport. The main game mode is played with 4 players versus 4. You'll need some strategy and a good communication to fight the enemy team. Or if they're just next to you on the couch, just push a random button on their controller !

Customize your car to make the difference

There's lots of manufacturers from different countries in Starxium 20XX. As you play, you'll unlock new components to customize your car. Like a brand new motor ! But beware, every element has a positive and a negative impact. You want a higher maximum speed motor ? No problem, but you'll lose some acceleration.


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Hey, I'm Hugo, the creator, developer, game designer, graphist, composer, 3D modeler, webmaster, community manager, designer and marketer of Starxium 20XX ! (Yeah, that's a bit time consuming)

If you wish to contact me for any general questions or request about the game, just create a post on the subreddit /r/starxium. If you don't have a reddit account, you can ask me things on the facebook page as well.

If you wish to contact me for any private or professional related questions, you can contact me at this adress : contact

I always answer :D !